Youth Golf Programme

Golf without boundaries.

“Creating Opportunities for Youth in Golf”

The Youth Golf Programme (YGP), presently under the management of Youth Golf Network Limited, has given many young school-going students the chance to learn the game of golf. Since its inception in 1997, some 4000 students from neighbourhood as well as prime schools have benefitted from its programme syllabus.

It was initiated to give the neighbourhood youth an opportunity to learn golf which otherwise would have been impossible as it was too expensive for them to pursue. Students enrolled in the programme do not need to be members of any golf club, which is a hefty price to pay in Singapore.  Golf for the young in Singapore used to be played by kids of parents who had a golf club membership. However, the Youth Golf Programme enabled a change in this.

The idea was the brain-child of the late Mr Tay Cheng Khoon, ex-Sports Editor of the Straits Times Press. An avid sportsman and a recreational golfer, he wanted to give all children who were keen to learn the game of golf  an opportunity to learn without having to purchase expensive club membership. Together with Laguna National Golf and Country Club, the late Mr Tay worked on developing the Youth Golf Programme, a Community youth golf project to provide golf sponsorship to students. The Youth Golf Programme was thus started in 1997 to promote and encourage students in neighbourhood schools to take up golf as a sport.

In 2002, the Ministry of Education in Singapore recognized Golf as a Sport for Schools. Children were given CCA (Co-Curricular Activity) points when they participated in it.  With its reputable and successful youth golf developmental programme for the community, supported by funds from sponsors, it became a charity organization with the status of Institution of Public Character. (IPC status)

By 2005, the Youth Golf Programme had  a squad of youth with the talent and potential to train and represent the country at a National level. The Youth Golf Excellence Programme  (YGEP) was thus launched to groom these promising youth further to be the future champions and national representatives for Singapore in international tournaments.

Results of the holistic YGEP syllabus have shown paybacks with fine tournament performance records both locally and overseas They are 2009 SEA Games Silver medallist Johnson Poh and ASEAN Schools players Koh Sock Hwee, Kok Jo Ee, Joey Poh, Low Si Xuan and Chung Hong Zhen, just to name a few.

”Singapore’s anchorman Poh sank a birdie to set off scenes of jubilation in the Republic’s camp.”

The 4-phase programme syllabus develops the golfer from basics to excellence, encompassing areas in golf skills and course management, self-development of the athlete through motivational talks and counselling, sports psychology, endurance development through aqua and gym training.

Objectives of the Programme:

  • To introduce and create an opportunity for students to learn the sport
  • To develop basic life skills and leadership qualities in these students
  • To get a handicap or PC at the end of the program
  • To identify and groom potential young golfers to represent the country at a National and international level.

Schools under this program:

  • North Vista Secondary School
  • Dunman High School
  • Hai Sing Catholic School
  • St. Gabriel’s Secondary School
  • St. Patrick’s School

In addition, individuals not schooling in the above-named schools have also enrolled to join the YGP under the category of Special Individuals.  (SI)

Minimum No. of  Students in the program:  350

Training Programme:

  • Level 1: Beginners
  • Level 2: PC Holders
  • Level 3: Handicap Holders

Venue :

Training Schedule : Once a week during school term