Holy Innocent’s High School

To me, golf is a game that can be used in the future. I feel very proud that I am in the Youth Golf Programme (YGP). YGP is very generous to let us train at Laguna National.
~ Low Rui Hao

The Youth Golf Programme is a very unique programme to me. It is very beneficial, as I have learnt many life skills that will benefit me in the future. I look forward to coming to golf lessons every week.
~ Ravroshen Kaur Gill


Victoria Junior College

In the Youth Golf Programme I have a chance to improve my golf at negligible cost. It allows me to play at the golf course and really improve in my game. Since I entered the programme, my score has dropped drastically.
~ Brandon Foo

It is a great and hard-to-come-by opportunity to learn an interesting sport. I feel glad to be in this programme.
~ Young Si Ling


Maris Stella High School

I feel that I am honoured to be in this programme which has given me the opportunity to learn golf.
~ Aven

Golf is a sport that helps me to relax and to take my mind off studies and I really enjoy playing it.
~ Goh Jian Ming


St Patrick’s School

It allows me to train with professionals and I get to meet new friends.
~ Russell

I want to do my best and strive for the better. Also bring honour to my school by winning competitions.
~ Muhd. Hariz Husaini


Tanjong Katong Secondary

I am given the opportunity to pursue my dreams in the Youth Golf Programme. It has been a great experience.
~ Lee Jian Xiong

It is a pleasure to be in this programme. It trains my arm muscles, I learn discipline and pick up golf skills.
~ Ahmad Johan

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