Changkat Changi Secondary School

It means a lot to me to be in the programme as I can learn to play golf well. It is also a good form of exercise.
~ Keith

I am lucky to be in the Youth Golf Programme as it allows me to learn to play golf.
~ Lester


Dunman High School

I feel happy to be given this opportunity to learn more things and also to take part in competitions etc. It is a chance that I would not be given if I had chosen other CCA’s instead.
~ Wong Min Yi

I feel greatly privileged to be in the Youth Golf Programme. It has been my dream to play golf since young, and this programme has allowed me to fulfil it. It is a privilege to play golf at my age, and I hope to make the most use of this …


East View Secondary School

The Youth Golf Programme provides me with the necessary skills to play Golf and when I am older, I could take up the sport and excel in it.
~ Gowry

Being in the Youth Golf Programme allows me to have fun in LGNCC and learn a great sport.
~ Amos Soo


Hai Sing Catholic School

I feel that being in the programme has helped me to be a better person, in terms of golf skills and character development. Furthermore, I have known how to interact with my fellow peers.
~ Desmond Toh

The Youth Golf Programme means a lot to me. It provides me with so many things at no charge. I know it is my duty to do my best as a golfer. The programme is very important to me because golf is not only my CCA but it is my passion as well. It …


St Hilda’s Secondary School

Before I joined the programme, I didn’t even know how to use a golf club. Now, I feel joy and honoured to be in this programme. I also feel glad as not many people have the chance to be in it.
~ Joseph Tay

I am honoured to have the opportunity to learn to play golf and gain experience. Every golf session, I would put in my effort to do my best and improve.
~ Gabriel Lim

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