Ms. Ermawati bte Zaini

ermawatiMs. Ermawati bte Zaini – Teacher in charge for Tanjong Katong Secondary School  (TKSS)

How long have you been TKSS’-Teacher in-charge for Golf CCA?

“6 years”

Do you have any comments on the YGP?
“The YGP is an excellent programme for young golf enthusiasts to nurture their talent. As golf is not a commonly played sport amongst teenagers, the programme provides wonderful exposure for interested youths in Singapore.”

Why did TKSS join the programme?
“TKSS believes that the YGP will be of much benefit to its members, not just physically through the game, but also socially and mentally as well.”

Do you yourself play golf or even tried to learn golf?
“Yes, I used to train with the students at the start of the programme. However, due to increasing responsibilities and commitments, I stopped pursuing the game.”