Mr. Basil Lee

basil-leeMr. Basil Lee is currently the teacher-in-charge for St. Gabriel’s Secondary School. He has been with St. Gabriel’s Sec. School since 2003.

He is one of the teachers who is responsible for pushing Golf as part of the School’s CCA. St. Gabriel’s joined the YGP in 2009, after spending six years training with Seletar Base Golf Course, which officially closed in 2008. Mr. Lee appealed to join the YGP in 2009.

With his guidance, St. Gabriel’s produced a few good players who deserved promotion to train in the Youth Golf Excellence Program. They are Daryl Lim – Overall Best Gross winner and Boy’s Individual Champion for 2010, Jerall Kang and James Leow. St. Gabriel’s also secured several awards during the National InterSchool Golf Championships held at Marina Bay. In 2009, they were 2nd runner-up in the Boys B Division & 3rd runner-up in the Boys C Division. In 2010, 3rd runner-up in the Boys C Division. In 2011, 1st runner-up in Boys B Division. Mr. Lee is also an avid golfer with a handicap of 17. He plays regularly at the Seletar Country Club.

Mr. Lee has always helped the cause of YGP. He chaperoned 2 juniors to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for the Malaysian Junior Championship held in Nexus Resort, guiding our two representatives, Jerall Kang of St. Gabriel’s and Walter Wong of ACS-Barker.

Interview with Basil Lee:

  • Who is your golfing idol?
    I do not have any particular golfing idol. However, I am awed by the golfing talent and skills of Tiger Woods, regardless of his personal life. I also enjoy watching Adam Scott’s play at golf tournaments. Finally, I am inspired by Gary Player’s discipline in his thoroughness and physical and mental conditioning in his pre-game preparation. These are some of the golfers that I have read about or seen in tournaments on TV.
  • How do you find the holistic program of the YGP?
    The holistic program of the YGP is well planned and thought out. It has four levels of skills which cater to the beginner, intermediate and the advanced golfers. The introduction of sessions in psychology within the YGP helps to take care of the mental aspect of the game while adding depth and seriousness to the program. While the program syllabus is sound, pupils need to learn to respond positively with the proper attitude towards learning and to practice passionately the skills taught. Except for the selected few in the excellence program, most of the other golfers come to Laguna for golf instruction only once a week. This is not enough to learn a skill. Pupils need to find time to practice more than once a week, be it in their ball striking, chipping or putting, if they are keen and committed to improving their game. Juggling between studies and golf requires discipline and good time management. Therefore, for the YGP program to be successful and yield results, all the participants, including the talented ones, need to put in a lot of hard work in practicing their game.
  • Has joining YGP helped St. Gabriel’s Golf CCA?
    In 2008 when Seletar Base Golf Range closed, it looked like St. Gabriel’s had seen the last of golf CCA activities in the school. Therefore, the acceptance of the school into the HSBC – YGP programme at the Laguna National Golf and Country Club has been a lifesaver for St Gabriel’s Golf CCA and for this, we have the HSBC-YGP chairperson, Dr. Janice Khoo and her committee to thank. Joining the YGP has been key in developing the golf interest among the boys (especially those who have no golf club to go to) at St. Gabriel’s Golf CCA.I look forward to the day when some of these young Gabrielites, under the guidance of the capable golf professionals in YGP, can become good enough to play for the nation.