Alithea Chang

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Alithea Chang – YGP/SI from St. Joseph’s Convent

Alithea was exposed to golf at a tender age of 7. Having a father who is a professional golfer, Alithea fell in love with the game from the very first time that she tried. She picked up golf while accompanying her father at the driving range. She spent most of her weekends practicing at the range while her dad was teaching. During her dad’s interim breaks from golf lessons, she would get a few pointers from him. After finishing her PSLE, she decided to concentrate on developing golf as her CCA. As a result, she joined the YGP Program in 2011.

Within a few months after obtaining her PC, she managed to get her golf handicap. She currently plays off a handicap of 28.5.

Alithea’s best round has been a 99 at Laguna National Golf & Country Club’s Masters Course during the 2nd leg of the Inter-School League 2011. Her goal is to be in the Youth Golf Excellence Squad. She is currently training every Friday with the Intermediate Squad.


What made you join the YGP?

When I found out that I could join the program I was excited as I can get the chance to play in more competitions and gain experience from it. I could also improve in my game. At the same time, I would make new friends and also get to play golf with them. This is a great opportunity to improve my game.

Who is your golfing idol?

Yanni Tseng, first Asian female Golf Pro to be ranked No. 1 in the world.

If given a chance, would you like to be a Professional Golfer like your father?

Yes, I would love to be a Professional Golfer like my father. In fact that is what I am aiming for in the future.