The Community Youth Golf Programme (YGP)


The funding of this programme is solely from monies raised through charity events and sponsorships. In 2014, Prudential has come in as a major donor with $100,000 to support the development of golf in the Community Youth Golf Programme.  In the recent 18th Community Youth Golf Charity held at Orchid Country Club, the total funds raised amounted to $254,800.

 Appreciation and Thanks:

The Community Youth Golf Programme will not be successful without the dedication, interest and tireless efforts of many who have come to help. I would like to thank :

1. The Organising Committee – Ms Goh KH (VPof YGP), Mr David Ng (VP Sponsorship), Mr Jeffrey Ho, Ms Susan Gan (Lady Captain of OCC), Mr Eric Teoh. They have spent many hours, days and nights, in making this event successful.

2. Orchid Country Club, with Mr  Peter Goh and his team, for their enthusiastic support in making the charity event run smoothly.

3.Corporate sponsors and donors for their generosity towards our cause.

4. Our advisors Mr AC Wong and Mr SK Ho

5. Our Patron,  Minister Teo Ser Luck for his unstinting support and kind advise.

6 Student Volunteers and Teachers who have helped in making the Charity event run smoothly.


I hope you can all continue to lend your support in making the Community Youth Golf development a success.