Board Members


Patron — Mr Teo Ser Luck

Mr. Teo Ser Luck

Minister of State for Trade and Industry
and Mayor for North East District CDC
Republic of Singapore

Mr Teo Ser Luck graduated with an Accountancy degree from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and began his career as an auditor.  Throughout his private …


Chairperson — Dr Janice Khoo

Dr Janice Khoo

One of the pioneers and long time campaigner for Youth Golf, she has been appointed as advisor to the 2013 Junior Golf Development programme of the Singapore Golf Association.

She initiated the junior development squad for girls in …


Vice Chairman — Peter Goh

Mr Peter Goh 

A veteran in the golfing and club industry, Peter’s has spent more than thirty years on the golfing scene in Singapore and China. His professional commitment spurred him as a pioneer member of the Club Managers …


Director — Mr Chan Chong Beng

Mr Chan Chong Beng

Founder and Chairman of Goodrich Global, Mr Chan Chong Beng is affectionately known by his friends as CB. As a philanthropist, he has always been very active in charity sponsorship.

Mr Chan earned individual honours with the Top Entrepreneur …