TALKING POINT: An interview with Wei Li Loo, a former trainee in the Youth Golf Program (YGP)

Monday, March 8th, 2021

An interview with a former trainee in the Youth Golf Program (YGP) (2010-2013)
Currently 24 years of age, he is pursuing a major degree in Professional Golf Management under The Pennsylvania State University. He intends to be a Golf Professional.

What made you take up golf as a CCA 

Back then, in primary school, being able to see a ball fly by making use of a small tiny golf club, with a beautiful parabolic motion amazed me. It was the reason why I decided to pursue the sport as a CCA when the opportunity to do so presented itself. It was an activity that I enjoyed a lot, and still continue to enjoy to this day.


You joined St Gabriel’s school.  What was the reason ? … Was the school’s commitment in golf as a CCA a part of your decision to join SGSS ? 

Golf CCA was definitely one of the reasons why I chose St Gabriel’s Secondary School, on top of a multitude of reasons. I was searching for a boys school at that time, together with Golf CCA and St Gabriel’s happened to fit both criterions. In addition, my PSLE score also ensured that St. Gabriel’s was a school that I could definitely enter. 

Did u like the programme ? If so, please elaborate how you have developed and gained with the programme. 

I think the YGP gave me a platform outside of school as a CCA to pursue golf as both my parents do not play golf. Even though our time spent at Laguna National was short lived, with St Gabriel’s moving to Marina Bay when I was Secondary 4, I felt that YGP gave us a training ground to be able to practice, especially for junior golfers like me who do not have a golf club membership. 

The fact that the students were allowed to use range balls for a small fee that could be paid using EduSave, and being able to practice at the short game area during CCA time was an activity that I always looked forward to every Friday evening. Because of the CCA, my parents could see that I was really interested in golf, and started to hire a private coach for me to train as well, during the weekends. Considering the mundane routine of student life, golf was my outlet, and also my favourite activity to do, and you can pretty much call it my “happy place”. 

In addition, the YGP had organised events during the school holidays for us to participate in. Being able to join the YGP Inter-School Golf Tournaments provided me an opportunity to play on-course which I rarely had during my school days, without having a country club membership. It was an event I was excited to participate in every time. Despite the results not being ideal, due to the lack of opportunity to practice on course, it was really fun and I enjoyed it. In addition, being part of the volunteer team for the 2012 KLPGA ADT Championships was a great eye opener for me to see how pro events were like, and increased my insight into different aspects of golf.