18th Community Youth Golf Charity

Sunday, October 27th, 2013


26th November, 2013 – Orchid Country Club

Since its inception in 1997, the Community Youth Golf Programme has given the opportunity to more than 4000 Youth from Secondary and JC Schools to learn golf, which they would have otherwise not been able to as it is too expensive to own a golf club membership or pay for its fees and facilities.

The Community Youth Golf Programme has made all this possible.

It is through the support of individuals who believe that the sport develops the child’s potential, not only physically but also emotionally in building their patience and integrity that matters most in the process of Child Development.

We seek your support in making the programme continue in its growth, providing opportunities to more children that are yearning to learn the game.

The Annual Community Youth Golf Charity has been organised to raise funds for the Youth Golf Programme. In this 18th year of fund-raising, we hope that we can meet the desired target of $250,000 in order for the programme to continue successfully.

Kindly please help in supporting these students who are very keen and enthusiastic in wanting to further their sporting desire.


Below are some Student reflections on how the Youth Golf Programme has supported their aspirations:

  • Kok Jo Ee – Ex-trainee from Victoria Junior College, currently on a golf scholarship in USA
    “The YGEP has certainly supported junior golfers in paving ways for their golfing aspirations, and I am proud to have been in the program.”
  • Huang Bo Ning – Dunman High School
    “…YGP provided a platform to forge genuine friendship and nurture a life-long passion for the sport of golf”
  • Justin Leow – Dunman High School
    “I believe the sport of golf has been able to cultivate in me, most of all, a spirit of perseverance…I was also able to learn about the friendly competitive spirit of sportsmanship as I worked hard to learn and train alongside my friends, in an attempt to get better every week.”
  • Sonia – Dunman High School
    “Under YGP, the coaches have taught me to truly enjoy the beauty of golf as a game and as leisure. The improvements I have made also contributed to this change mentally, and I know that from now on, golf will never be the same to me ever again.”
  • Liestina – Pasir Ris Sec School
    “Not everyone gets the chance to play this sport. It seems that only the rich and famous have the chance to play it… I must be lucky enough to be in this Youth Golf Programme.”