YGP-Mardan Adoption Scheme Press Release

Monday, July 8th, 2013

mardan-articlethumbToday, I am pleased to announce a new collaboration of YGP with Spore’s home grown Champion Mr Mardan Mamat.

This is the YGP-Mardan Adoption Scheme which will be run at Raffles Country Club. (RCC).

Mr Mardan Mamat has come a long way, from the ranks of a caddy to an internationally well-known figure in golf. He has been brought up through the school of hard knocks. He started by picking stray balls he finds on the course, which he used for practice. Gradually he worked his way up through the rank of a caddy. Getting opportunities to train and play the game he loves best was often a huge challenge considering that he did not come from a privileged background. As such, he understands the feeling of kids who do not get opportunities to play and learn the game, especially so when they have potential talent to go far.

Now that he is a top professional, Mardan is eager to give back to the community so that others with his similar background can have an easier passage to success.

When Mr AC Wong approached Mardan, Mardan was more than happy to volunteer his services to the YGP.  He understands the objectives of the YGP and he shares the same sentiments of the less fortunate kids in this programme.

Today, 3 students have been selected for this special privilege. We hope we can expand further and benefit more youth in the future.

The selected students have gone through several levels of selection. Each had satisfied the selection criteria and have been nominated by their school teachers, with endorsement from their teaching Golf professional The final selection was made by the V-Chair Ms Goh Kui Hwa and myself.


Students selected:

Leverett Chua – St Gabriel’s Sec School

Muhd Syabil Bin Abdul Kadir – Montfort Sec School

Joey Poh – from the YGP Alumni


Objective of  Scheme:

To train the selected students enabling them to excel

Character development

Mardan as mentor and role model


Training venue and programme:

Students will be trained once a week at RCC on Saturday mornings under Mardan Mamat at the range and course.

Mardan will share and guide them on :

1. Advanced golf skills and techniques

2. Playing competitive golf

3. Playing with the right attitude and direction


Training period:

On a year-to-year basis, with 6 monthly assessments done.

Students get to continue as long as they improve, show commitment and are gaining much from the scheme.

Dr Janice Khoo

Chairperson, Youth Golf Programme